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real time visual effects generator for unity 3d
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Visual effects are essential to make cool and fun games. And there are so many different variations and a countless number of effects needed which makes it complicated and time-consuming to get the right look. GVX is a tool that helps you generate cool visual effects by composing multiple customizable and editable presets that we call sub-effects. We gathered several advanced shaders and common VFX techniques like particles system shaders, decals, distortions and many more. All of these techniques have been implemented in a way that makes it easy to customize with minimal effort, mix and match with others, combine them in a time-line and finally add your own sub-effects. While you can use it to develop the Visual effects you need. The VFX enthusiasts can use it to prototype or extend the sub-effects library. And with a bigger sub-effects library in the future, the capabilities will grow more and more.
Many Subeffects
Pen Booms
Have U ever played PEN FIGHTING in school ? U can play online now!
When we were in school and had time between classes, we used to play SUMO... but with pens. Whoever knocks the opponent's pen off the table, wins. Some even bought specific pens just for fighting. now it's time for you to live the experience with a small twist to the rules. Play online with strangers or with your friends. Win by knocking their pen off the table or by scoring a goal!